We are ThreePoints Transformation Specialists

ThreePoints is a niche Information Technology company that offers products and services used by a wide range of companies across different sectors. Our consultancy services help companies to make their business more efficient, differentiate themselves from their competition and ultimately contribute to their success in the market.

We are a growing Agile consultancy with a focus on the high quality of service for our customers and a collaborative approach aligned to customer’s needs. More advanced and complex solutions may require something more than a simple Agile approach. ThreePoints highly experienced consultants can offer a range of solutions suitable for each customer.

Our consultants work with you to provide training, coaching and delivery of the most important goals for you. Our consultants are certified Scrum Masters, Scrum Professionals, SAFe Agilists, SAFe Program Consultants and LeSS Practitioners. They have extensive experience in providing company based internal training or open public courses providing coaching and consultancy for company-wide agile transformation.

In addition to the commercial training sessions, we also provide basic training to the wider community at minimal cost and in some cases offer brief consultancy services for free. This is very useful to individuals or small groups that need to refresh their knowledge about Agile or Lean practices. Your company may want to explore Agile practices and their benefits before investing in further training and we can help you with this.

We service both New Zealand and Australian markets with offices in Auckland, New Zealand and Brisbane, Australia. This brings Agile consultancy and training services to a wide range of customers in two different markets. It also provides ThreePoints with a wider perspective on issues that companies face in such markets.

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