Participants will learn the principles and concepts of Agile and Scrum from industry experts and be issued with a certificate of completion. Individuals working in development teams will be able to implement principles in their next project. Participants from other industries will have a solid understanding of how to implement Agile principles and how to interact with companies already using Agile to achieve desired outcomes.



This is an introductory level course and all concepts are explained from first principles basis. Attendees that would find benefit could range from development teams and managers, industry professionals as part of skills development or just individuals wanting to learn more about the topic.



Day 1:

Introduction to Agile; Traditional vs Agile Development; Scrum History; Scrum Team; Scrum Roles; User Stories; Relative Sizing and Story Points; From Vision to Tasks; Scrum Artefacts; Story Mapping; Kano Model

Day 2:

Scrum Ceremonies; Context Switching; Release Planning; Scrum Tools; Impact Mapping; Simulation of Scrum Implementation; Scaling Agile and Scrum