When it comes to defining your digital strategy, knowing where you are is just as important as knowing you want to go. It's hard to improve if you have no baseline and nothing to compare to. When you are struggling to see the way ahead our consultants have the experience to assess your organisation and prepare visualisations and report with a proposed plan to move forward to help with your Agile journey and decide if a change is affective and driving desired behaviour.

Our assessments are conducted by one or two of our consultants by conducting interviews and observations. This will provide specific insight into the following:

  • The current way of working
  • Cooperation and communication between departments
  • Challenges that teams are facing
  • Key recommendations for successful adoption of proposed approaches
  • The proposed approach to successful Agile adoption

ThreePoints Coaching


Transform the entire organisation to use an Agile way of working is not easy. Imagine how much easier it will be with the help of experts. Our consultants have years of experience with coaching teams, executive management teams or individuals.

We can address your team unique challenges by using our experience with different Agile approaches including Scrum, Kanban, Lean and scaling.

Our coaches can assess your organisational needs and help define or improve your Agile processes, transformational process as well as coach your stuff on your Agile journey.

Coaching can be done in different ways. We have experience in setting up simple discussion sessions, coach your identified coaches, being with you all the way or just being available when you have questions.

Unlocking the power of Agile is about so much more than implementing a new management structure. It requires a cultural shift across teams and organisations.

ThreePoints is a modern agile consultancy that helps organisations radically improve their development capabilities. We have helped diverse organisations make this shift by providing consultancy services, training, and coaching through different industries. 

You may already use elements of Agile or are entirely new to the approach; we can assess your current structure. It will help us to understand what challenges you facing and devise